iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak FAQ Update: Release Date, Download Details And Everything Else You Should Know

It seems that the end of 2017 is really going to be all about jailbreaking, iOS vulnerabilities, and everything else associated with that particular wonderland. In his usual lovely, straight-down-to-business style, Jonathan Levin, creator of LiberTV and author of various iOS and macOS security books, has published a new questions and answers session relating to the heavily discussed iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

From his latest FAQ, we now know that a universal 64-bit jailbreak tool which allows a “fully working shell environment with arbitrary unsigned binaries” and “any side loading of any app you want” will be released in just a matter of days in time for Christmas.

However, it’s unlikely that the tool, in whatever form it takes, will function like the usual “jailbreaks” that device owners have become accustomed to. Levin explicitly mentions his disliking of Cydia and that the provision of Cydia Substrate involves having to bypass a sandbox hook known as “mmap-executable.” Levin doesn’t want to reveal his technique for this publicly. So, whatever this tool is, we know it won’t include Cydia and Cydia Substrate, but that of course won’t stop anyone else from adding Cydia to it once Saurik has made it compatible with iOS 11.

So what will Levin’s so called universal jailbreak be like? That’s a wonderful question and one that Levin has answered succinctly and eloquently. The published FAQ states that out-of-the-box it will offer root filesystem mount, sandbox escape, access to root (obviously), and the execution of arbitrary binaries as “long as they are self-signed with jtool.” Users will also be able to run any entitlements that they wish on compatible devices and firmware.

Additional information includes the facts that this tool will not offer an untethered solution, will support iOS 11.0.x and iOS 11.1.x on all 64-bit devices, including Apple TV 4/4K and potentially Apple Watch with some amends. So, all-in-all, some great news, some good news, and some news embedded that people likely didn’t want to hear, but Levin – presuming this is released before Christmas – has delivered on his promise of building a Jailbreak Toolkit which utilizes the async_wake exploit by Google’s Ian Beer – who Levin describes as “the man.”

Check out the post for yourself. Absorb the information, prepare yourself for what’s coming but also take heed of Levin’s warning that “the powers of root are not for the faint of heart or the feeble of mind.”

As for us, Christmas can’t come soon enough!

(Source: NewOSXBook)

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