Intel’s So Scared Of The Apple M1 That It’s Running Attack Ads

Apple’s new M1-powered Macs have been putting Intel machines in their place since the end of last year and the chipmaker isn’t happy.

It isn’t happy one bit, so much so that it’s begun to run its own attack ads that try to make the point that you can’t do everything on an M1 chip.

Apparently, you need a PC to play games and “power scientists.” Whatever that means.

Intel has taken to Twitter in particular to run ads that make the claim that “only a PC can power scientists and gamers alike,” a claim that’s obviously wrong.

Intel is also pointing out that “only a PC offers tablet mode, touch screen, and stylus capabilities in a single device.” That part’s true. The only problem is none of them are very good.

It’s perhaps notable that none of Intel’s ads focus on performance. It’s possible that’s because Intel knows that it can’t compete with Apple’s first-generation M1 chips already, and who knows what the next Apple silicon will look like.

Intel has even gone so far as to refer a video from YouTuber, Jon Rettinger, to point out the problems with the M1, although the main argument appears to be that it doesn’t have enough ports. Something that’s an issue even when you look at Macs running Intel chips.

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