Improve Data Speeds On AT&T iPhone And iPad With This Modified Carrier Update File

Although we do tend to get somewhat carried away with the exciting features any potential new smartphone can offer us, our sensible side forces us to consider some of the very basics, like signal strength. Without the ability to yield substantial network coverage, your expensive handset can often be rendered useless, and although you might have thought your signal was relatively adequate already, there’s no harm in seeing if you can achieve better. Carrier update modder Joseph Brown has, having previously released a modified carrier update for T-Mobile offering an overall stronger signal to consumers, done the same kind of thing again, but this time, for certain iPhone and iPad devices on AT&T.

By modifying the AT&T carrier update, the iPhone 5, iPad 3, 4 and iPad mini can connect to the band offering the very strongest signal on both LTE and HSPA+, in turn giving some users even better general performance.


The mod is for Release 9 DC-HSPA+ on the aforementioned devices, and although AT&T is restricted to HSPA+ 21, the modified update allows the device to yield more bandwidth, in turn raising the potential of the data connection.

If you’re already on LTE, you’re lucky enough not to have to worry about these kinds of things anymore, but for those not yet enjoying the benefits of the superfast cellular connection, this modified update could really up your device’s game. Obviously, it’s not going to work as well for everybody, and those who’ve tried it so far have recorded decidedly mixed results. With that said, the mod also bundles a fix to the issue some iPhone 5 users had with weak signals on certain bands, so in all honesty, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.


If you wish to try out the modified update on your AT&T iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4 or iPad mini, you can find all of the details and instructions at the source link below. As aforementioned, though, this is not a guarantee of improvements, so please don’t dive in expecting life-changing results.

In fact, try it expecting very little, and if you do see noticeable improvements, then you will be even happier! If you do happen to give it a go, please leave your comments and thoughts via the usual mediums.

(Source: iTweakiOS)

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