Water Resistant iPhone 6 Concept Features Full HD Display, Wireless Charging, LED Notifications [VIDEO]

Keen designers Ran Avni and Uygar Kaya have come up with yet another iPhone 6 concept which incorporates many of the features iPhone fans have long since been pining for, including wireless charging, LED notifications and of course, a larger, wider screen. It’s easily one of the best concepts we’ve had the pleasure of ogling, and you can decide whether you agree by checking out the video after the break!

The iPhone is arguably the most sought-after gadget on the market, and has been through a number of generations. Every year, the tech world gets itself in a tizzy with regards to what Apple may, or may not bring with the next release, and talk of the iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 has been continual pretty much ever since the release of the iPhone 5 last fall. We still don’t really know what to expect with either the handset or the software it will be running on, but the concept makers are having a good go at making some suggestions.

iPhone6Concept (4)

One of the reasons many iPhone users are switching over to Android and Windows Phone nowadays is thanks to the larger displays offered by the majority of handsets gracing the two other main platforms. Of course, some will argue that the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5 is more than adequate, and while some devices (read: Samsung Galaxy Mega) take things to excess, there’s no doubt that an increasing number of people are looking for more real estate. Here in Kaya’s and Avni’s concept, that notion has been considered, but instead of just making the iPhone 5 bigger and calling it a night, they have really gone to town in turning this concept into something we can only but wish were real.

As well as the larger display, this iPhone 6 is completely dust and water resistant. Currently the USP of the Sony Xperia ZR, waterproofing looks set to become a standard feature in years to come, and now with a waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on the way purporting to keep both water and dust at bay, we would expect the iPhone to also offer this feature at some point in time. Will it be a feature of the next iPhone? Perhaps not; but next year, with the likelihood that many vendors will have jumped on the bandwagon by then, the possibility of a waterproof iPhone suddenly doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

The designers of this concept have also thrown in LED notification lights into the bargain, while also taking a leaf out of the HTC One’s book by offering a front-facing stereo speaker system. There’s wireless charging, an incredibly sleek overall finish, and with a 13-megapixel snapper, we would anticipate a camera performance to match even the very best from Nokia and it’s PureView tech.

iPhone6Concept (3)

This is the kind of device I have been waiting for Apple to build since the iPhone 4S, and I would love to know whether you guys agree with me on this one. Does this one tick all the boxes? Thoughts and comments below.

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