HTC One 2 To Feature A Lite Brite-like Case; Google Play Edition Device Confirmed [Image]

The great thing about the fast-moving nature of the mobile industry is that, at any given time, there’s something to be looking forward to. We’ve spent the last few months lusting after the Samsung Galaxy S5, and with the Mobile World Congress announcement of the upgraded device now done and dusted, we’re now left to pine for HTC’s next big thing. Technically known as the ‘M8’, the follow-up to the HTC One will be announced later on this month, and thanks to a revelation made via the Evleaks Twitter handle, it looks like its Taiwanese maker has also been working on an interesting case for its soon-to-be-showcased asset.

The case features a bunch of tiny holes, through which it can beam details such as the time, and as you’ll see from the press image below, it’s a very interesting concept. Rival Samsung has been a big pusher of cases that let users view information without having to open them up, and HTC now looks to be following suit.

htc one m8 concept logo

Having impressed us greatly with last year’s release of the One, it’s successor, dubbed the ‘HTC One 2,’ will be looking one again to test the resolve of Samsung’s rampant Galaxy S series, and with most of the tech. specs having already been revealed, it’s now just a matter of playing the waiting game.

As well as two rear-facing cameras, the device is set to include a larger display, improved processor, and a slicker, taller design, and if HTC can throw together a few more cases like this one leaked today, we’re in for a real treat.


The Evleaks tweet also confirmed that there will indeed be a Google Play Edition of the next HTC flagship, although it makes no mention of whether it will be available right from the start or, as was the case last time around, be added to the Play Store a short while after the initial retail date.

Whatever the case, this is particularly good news for those in search of an untouched, pure Android experience bereft of HTC’s Sense overlay, and having been given an in-depth preview of the HTC One 2 via a 12-minute video published earlier this week, we’re keenly awaiting its announcement on March 25th.

(Source: Evleaks [Twitter])

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