How To Try iPhone X Gestures-Based UI On Older iPhone Models [No Jailbreak Required]

Apple’s iPhone X has been heralded as a triumph of engineering. The seemingly unanimous decision is that Apple has managed to design, build, and release something truly special, and although it clearly has problems, which are mainly software based, the device itself is a major achievement.

Where software is concerned, Apple has introduced a number of new gestures for navigation purposes which are unique to iPhone X, but now someone has put together a third-party app called Infinity X, which exists purely to give older device owners experience of performing and interacting with those gestures.

It’s worth noting from the get-go that this is an app or non-official experience which alters or changes the behavior of how iOS functions on older devices. If we lived in a world where all devices were jailbroken and developers had free reign to do whatever they wanted and modify any parts of the system, then it would be relatively easy to integrate these gestures on all devices. However, we don’t live in that world anymore, meaning that the developer behind this has had to create a standalone app experience which simply lets users play with and interact with a replication of Apple’s iPhone X gestures. This, of course, doesn’t bring those gestures system-wide to older devices. In short, Infinity X lets you simulate iPhone X experience on an older iOS device.

Infinity X is an app that allows you to get the feel of the iPhone X without buying one. It is a free app and best of all, no jailbreak is required.

The gestures include a swipe up on the Lock screen in the app to unlock and experience how you’ll get into an iPhone X. There is also a replication of the new unique gesture which invokes the App Switcher and multitasking from the Home screen, as well as the swipe gesture which essentially replaces the physical Home button and takes the user back to the Home screen from within an app.

The developer has even gone the extra mile by putting a “notch” at the top to replicate the actual visuals that an iPhone X user would experience. Users are able to turn this off though if they don’t want it.

No jailbreak or computer is needed for this to function as it is essentially a native iOS application which is installed on the device outside of the official App Store purely to give users with older iPhones a taste of how gestures-based UI on iPhone X would work if they were to get it. There’s no sideloading or computer needed either as the developer has made Infinity X available for download through the web-based HockeyApp platform here.

Try it out for yourself and see what you think.

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