How To Add iOS 11.2 WiFi Security Fixes To Jailbroken Devices On Older Firmwares

A new tweak released into Cydia has become an essential installation for older jailbroken firmware which is still susceptible to various WiFi-based security attacks.

Apple acted extremely quickly to push out updates of its various platforms to patch a number of WiFi security issues which were known to have the potential to affect its devices. However, those who choose to remain jailbroken on older firmware, and therefore have not updated and downloaded Apple’s patches, are still vulnerable to the issues that the likes of Broadpwn and KRACK could bring. The new wifiFirmwareUpdater tweak for jailbroken devices mitigates that risk on 64-bit jailbroken iOS devices.

As a device owner, you may not actually be familiar with the vulnerabilities that we are talking about. What tends to happen is that the average user continues to use the device unaware of any issues that exist and then download iOS version updates as and when they appear in the Software Update mechanism. Once installed, the average user tends not to be aware of the security fixes put in place by that update and instead chooses to focus on any feature or functionality enhancements which have been added.

Those who go through the process of jailbreaking a device, and then opting to stay jailbroken instead of upgrading to modern firmware, are typically more au fait with the security concerns which are attached to this process. They, therefore, appreciate releases like this which exist to keep them as safe as possible whilst still allowing them to continue on their jailbroken journey on older firmwares and enjoy everything that is offered along with a liberated iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Immediately after installation of the wifiFirmwareUpdater, those with a 64-bit iOS device, running a jailbroken version of Apple’s firmware, will immediately be secured against the potential attack threats which were so heavily talked about very recently.

As mentioned earlier, that protection includes mitigating the KRACK WiFi attack threat which is essentially a flaw in the WiFi WPA security protocol which is ironically designed to protect users. Companies moved extremely quickly to patch that issue, and others, but like we’ve previously said, those who remain jailbroken won’t have downloaded those patches.

If you are jailbroken and want to get this installed right away, you can find the wifiFirmwareUpdater hosted as a free download on the following Cydia repository:

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