How To Fix iPad Pro Becoming Unresponsive After Being Charged

It wouldn’t be a big Apple launch if there weren’t at least some reports of issues, and the iPad Pro is facing reports of units apparently refusing to wake up after being plugged in to charge. The reports, which core the entirety of Apple’s iPad Pro lineup rather than seemingly only affecting a subset of iPad Pro models, have some units requiring hard restarts before they will become responsive once again.

As tends to be the case with Apple’s hardware releases these days, the iPad Pro couldn’t quite make it through its first week without potential issues cropping up. While perhaps not quite of the same standard as past iPhone hardware problems that saw the iPhone 4 unable to make calls and the iPhone 6 Plus bending, the iPad Pro’s own problems will still be concerning to those looking to splash some considerable cash on Apple’s latest iPad.


According to those affected by the issue, some iPad Pros are behaving perfectly normally until they are plugged into a power outlet and left to charge. The problems start when users next try to use the iPad Pros, with units reportedly unable to wake from standby.

At night it was down to 40% so I charged it and went to bed. When I woke up it was “dead”. It wouldn’t wake up. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to come to life.

To fix this issue, apparently a hard reboot is all what is required to get the iPad Pro back to normal operations. If you don’t know how to hard reboot an iOS device, you can follow our steps here to learn how to do so: How To Hard Reboot / Restart Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod touch.

Possible reasons for the issues are as yet unknown, and none of the reports have had the affected iPad Pros exhibit issues that a hard restart will not fix. While the problems may not be long-lived, the idea of an iPad Pro that effectively ceases to work once it’s connected to a Lightning cable will not fill potential buyers with confidence.

We’ll have to see where this story goes before we get too carried away, and here’s hoping the problems are far from widespread.


(Source: Apple)

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