How To Convert MP4 To MP3 Online

Want to know how to convert MP4 To MP3? The tools mentioned on this page can convert your files to different formats on a button’s click. Check out now!

Today, the most convenient and safest way to extract audio from any video file is through the online MP4 to MP3 converters. They not only save your big bucks on subscriptions but also keep you from spending hours learning new software.

Some of these tools have a built-in search engine feature for YouTube to help find the tracks you wish to convert. They give you a direct download button on the videos in the search results, so you don’t have to switch between tabs to copy and paste URLs.

Most of the video-sharing platforms today don’t allow video downloads due to copyright issues or without the consent of the owner. So, when you download them, try not to use these videos or audio for commercial purposes. Just in case if you need some music for a video, I’d suggest you opt for royalty-free music that involves a one-time fee, after which you can use the track in as many videos as you want.

But for personal use, you can convert and download as many music videos as you want. Today, more than 60% of people in the world listen to some kind of music every day on their favorite video-sharing websites. But the fun’s lost when an annoying ad pops up, interrupting the music, and worst of all, if you don’t press the skip button, these ads can take minutes to complete.

I know you’ve had enough with all those interruptions, so here are a few online converters to help you extract audio from videos for free and without any interference:


No matter what format you need to convert the video in, Evano can take care of it all. It has a massive list of formats you can convert the MP4 or MP3 file in. Since we are just talking about extracting audio, this online converter can complete the job in seconds. You can access the site on any device, so if you have a file on your PC, Smartphone, or the Internet, all you need to do is upload it or provide the link, and half your job is complete.

The conversion process is impeccable! The converter uses the browser’s default downloader to begin the transfer, but if you have any other software for this purpose, you can use that too. The audio extraction merely takes a minute if the file is large, but it happens in the blink of an eye for music videos. However, it has a file size limit of 100MB, but it can increase if you go through their simple sign-up process.


Ontiva is a free online YouTube to MP3, MP4, Wav, OGG converter. It only allows you to transform the YouTube files in 4 formats, but it has the unique feature we discussed earlier: the YouTube search engine. You can search for the videos you require directly on this website and download them without needing to provide a link to them. Also, if you want to enjoy music in good quality, try converting the extracting in WAV format, it might ask for extra storage space, but it’s totally worth it.

Additionally, this particular mp4 to mp3 converter has a unique option to cut your favorite scene out of a YouTube video. You can transform that specific scene into a different video, audio, or GIF Format. The file sizes in various formats can be viewed after you have selected a video. The download begins immediately after you have chosen the format for the file. So, if YouTube is the only platform you enjoy listening to music and watching videos on, Ontiva can make your life much more comfortable.

It’s a website with a dynamic design, allowing you to convert videos on any device that supports the latest browser version. The website is quite famous amongst people who regularly download music tracks from YouTube. Like Ontiva, it also has a YT search engine, making it easier to download videos. It can help you extract audio from videos in multiple formats but only converts the YouTube video in MP4 format. Since it’s the most supported format on all devices, you won’t need to change it later.

As, doesn’t convert video into GIF, or other video formats, you’ll need to consider Ontiva for that. Its support is limited to a few audio formats like MP3, WAV, M4a, AAC, FLAC, and OGG, but I think these are the only essential ones. Mostly video editors use WAV files to include audio in a video because it’s a lossless format, and the quality remains the same.

Why do you need it?

I know most of you’ll think why we should go for this option when we can do it in software! Well, the answer is simple, if you have spare time, money, and knowledge, you can go for the software. But if you need a file urgently and don’t have the necessary skills to edit it in a video editor, these online tools are the most suitable routes to take.

Many video editors use these tools for a quick MP4 to MP3 conversion, and these sites give you the option to choose the bit rate for the audio as well. Keep one thing in mind, when it comes to MP3, the higher the bit rate, the better the sound quality will be.

Final verdict

Each site has unique capabilities and can be used on different occasions. Evano can be used for converting files to various video and audio formats because it offers a variety of conversion formats. The other two have limited video conversion options to choose from but have a built-in search engine to help you extract the audio in multiple versions.

So, if you spend most of your time on YouTube then Ontiva, and can be used to download videos, cut scenes, or extract audio from a specific part of the video. If you want a more professional appearance, have files on your computer, and want to select a different video format that is not available on most converters online, then Evano is the tool you need.

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