How To Improve Network Signal Strength On Your iPhone The Easy Way

Here’s how you can improve or boost the iPhone signal strength being received from a network the easy way.

No one can really deny the power and capabilities of a smartphone like Apple’s iPhone. Each generation becomes more capable than the last with respect to features and functionality.

However, much to the disdain of device owners, things like battery life and received network signal never seem to get any better. We’re going to look at ways which can help you improve one of those aspects: that is the signal strength of your iPhone. Let’s jump right in and take a look at the various options.

Manual Network Selection: 

By default, iPhone and iOS are set to automatically assign your carrier based on the inserted SIM card. Manually taking yourself off that network and then back on can sometimes change the cell tower you are connected to and give you additional signal. Launch Settings and navigate to Carrier and switch the Automatic toggle into the Off position. Now select a network which isn’t yours, wait for the signal to drop, and then select your network manually from the list. Doing this does help improve signal strength.

Revert to 2G: 

This one is fairly simple. First of all, launch the native Settings app and navigate to Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data. For some, this could be found in Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data. When you are inside of that menu stack, tap onto the 2G option. This should take you away from the 4G network and you should see that your signal bars increase after a few seconds.

Toggle Airplane Mode:

Most people who suffer from signal issues already know that they can toggle Airplane Mode on and off in order to try and force a reconnection to the network. However, it is worth reiterating. Invoke Control Center and simply tap the Airplane Mode toggle. Wait a few seconds and then tap the Airplane Mode toggle once again to disable it.

As you can see, none of the recommended solutions for trying to improve the signal on an iPhone are rocket science or particularly difficult. All of the options are based on the theory that you can disconnect yourself from the network and the cell tower that you are connected to and force a new connection on a tower which may be closer to your current location, therefore providing a strong signal.

If you’re experiencing these type of problems, give the above tips a shot and let us know your results.

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