Here’s What The Rumored Redesigned 2019 16-Inch MacBook Pro Could Look Like

Designers love it when they get free reign to play around with product design and show what the world exactly what they think could be possible with popular products. And that is exactly what Viktor Kadar has done with his MacBook Pro concept design showing what a redesigned MacBook Pro could look like.

Whenever we see concept designs of this nature it is always worth remembering that it has been an opportunity for designers and conceptual artists to essentially show off their skills and have creative license in regards to the type of product and the finish that they imagine.

It’s very rare that a finished product from the actual manufacturer resembles anything like the slew of concept designs and renders which get slung around the community but it’s also an excellent opportunity to see people’s imaginations being poured onto the page. And Kadar clearly has a beautiful imagination.

In this instance, the designer has thrown together a 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro lineup which both offer what appears to be an almost bezel-less design which houses a stunning OLED panel. It’s quite evident that inspiration has been taken from Apple’s new iPad models as well as the company’s iPhone X hardware due to the fact that the MacBook Pros also feature stunning rounded corners which seamlessly bleed into the frame of the computer. Of course, a re-imagined MacBook Pro wouldn’t be complete without porting Apple’s Face ID system across from iPhone and iPad.

As far as Face ID is concerned, Kadar thinks a great system would be one with an almost invisible camera system which is fully integrated into the OLED panel and is entirely out of sight as far as the user is concerned. If this was possible, then it would clearly be a magical system which would promote an exceptional user experience but we have to bring reality into play here and figure that we are a while away from that type of integration being possible in a MacBook.

This particular concept also imagines a brand new keyboard design which would hopefully more efficient and robust than Apple’s Butterfly mechanism. A number of well-placed analysts have suggested that a MacBook Pro refresh will be coming soon but we feel that this concept is perhaps a little too futuristic for that change. A great job nevertheless and definitely an exciting concept to look at.

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