Here’s What Samsung Galaxy S9 Would Have Looked Like With An iPhone X-Like Notch

You don’t need to be a huge follower of Samsung’s industrial design to know that the company has reputation for following Apple’s lead in many ways, and the Galaxy S lineup of devices has long been associated with borrowing heavily from the iPhone, whether that be the hardware itself or the software that runs on it.

However, while Android smartphone makers have taken it upon themselves to copy the iPhone X and put huge meaningless notches at the top of their displays, Samsung has decided against doing the same, at least for now.

But let us just imagine what Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S9 would look like if Samsung had gone in a different direction. What would the latest Android super-phone look like if it too had a notch at the top of the notoriously impressive OLED screen used in the Galaxy S9 and in the process eliminating bezels on the top (forehead) and the bottom (chin) like on iPhone X?

That’s something designer Martin Hajek wondered, and in order to give us all an indication of how that might have panned out, he’s created some concept images showing exactly that – a Galaxy S9 with a notch at the top.

What if Samsung had copied Apple’s notch? Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S9N!

This is obviously a for-fun project but who knows, maybe Samsung’s next flagship phone will have a notch?

If I’m being honest, this thing actually looks kind of brilliant, but I still think I would rather Samsung forge its own path than take Apple’s ideas once more.

Few people look at the Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display and lament its borders, so I just don’t see the need for an iPhone X-like notch to make an appearance, at least not without any purpose, even if these concept images do look great.

Would you agree?

(Source: Martin Hajek)

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