Google Launches Business Pages On Google+, You Can Add Redmond Pie To Your Circles Now!

UPDATE: Official Redmond Pie page on Google+ is LIVE! Add us to your Circles now!

Google has gone right for the Facebook jugular having just launched the Pages aspect of its social network effort, Google+, with an announcement via its official blog.

The name is conspicuously unedited from Facebook’s version, and allows Google+ users to keep up to date with all their latest interests such as celebrities, companies and charities (and probably more importantly, Angry Birds!)

Social networking has long since been a mutually beneficial entity for brands and followers alike, and Google aims to use its tools such as Hangouts to enhance the engagement.

Twitter, with its somewhat unorthodox format, is unquestionably better equipped to connect users with celebrities, business and the like, and one suspects that Google is looking to take that level of interaction to the more traditional social networking platform. With users able to hang out live with, say, the local clothes shop to discuss wardrobe preferences, or with the band U2 to discuss their hopeful retirement, Google+ Pages promises to be the most effective form of interaction thus far on the social networking map.

Google+ Pages will also aid businesses to connect with customers and fans taking an interest. Similarly to Mark Zuckerberg’s social structure, those connected can be recommended with a simple +1 or added to Circles. Hangout is once again advantageous since those connected can spend time virtually face-to-face, which gives Google+ a firm bargaining chip in its quest to become the cream of the social networking platforms.

Although Hangout has been a new feature since the beta launch of Google+, it’s interesting to see now how Larry Page and his cronies intend to put the feature to good use.

At present, there are currently only a handful of pages available, such as the band All American Rejects, NFL outfit the Phoenix Suns, allegedly still relevant WWE as well as the fashion outlet that is H&M. We keenly await the more interesting Pages of the likes of Metallica, Apple and Activision – publishers of the "OMG, we can’t wait!" release of Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare 3.

The Big G will be rolling the service out to any organization pretty soon, so stay tuned for the Redmond Pie Google+ Page. As soon as Google allows it, rest assured we’ll be there!

UPDATE: Official Redmond Pie page on Google+ is LIVE! Add us to your Circles now!

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