Google Glass Will Ship To Consumers In 2014, Will Let Users Snap Images Using Wink Gesture

A few years ago, many were amazed at how easily smartphones were able to snap high-quality pictures within seconds. Leaked code from MyGlass companion app suggests that in future, users will be able to snap pictures of the world around them with a simple wink. This comes at the same time as Google chief Eric Schmidt stating that Glass wont be available to general consumers before 2014.

Even if you only have moderate interest in technology, you have likely been intrigued by Google Glass. The new device packs in capable, and powerful enough hardware all inside a pair of glasses, allowing users to get a layer of information right on top of their eye view, with a user interface that is designed specifically for their eyes. This revolutionary new device will work thanks to a projector embedded on one side of a prism. Google Glass specs have already been published by the Big G itself, and it is confirmed to be running on Android.


Currently, Google Glass is mostly controlled using voice commands. However, leaked code has now shown that Google, in future, plans to use your eyelids as user controls, too. The following snippet of code show the actions needed to snap a photo:






A few other interesting instructions were found, such as "GUEST_MODE_TURNED_OFF", which suggests that Google is accurately predicting that many users will want to get their hands on their friends’ glasses: guest mode will presumably make all of the user’s customization and personal data inaccessible to, literally, prying eyes. Another function, “BROWSER_TWO_FINGER_ZOOM”, suggests that users will be able to pinch their fingers in the air in order to zoom in and out, just like we are able to do on smartphones today. An interesting feature we must say, considering Glass is a head-wearable gadget.

The more we learn about this new invention, the more it starts to look like a device taken straight out of a science fiction movie. Prototypes of the product have already been issued to a selected set of developers, with early adopters able to purchase a pair of Google Glass Explorer Edition for a cool $1,500. While there is no indication on how much this device will cost for everyday consumers once it finally ships, we do not expect it to be cheap, at least for the first few years, or months, it depends. Although Google has stated that it wont cost as high as $1,500 once it starts shipping to consumers next year.

(Source: Reddit)

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