Facebook Timeline Rolling Out Worldwide Right Now! Here’s How You Can Get It First!

Facebook’s long-awaited (or long-dreaded, really) major overhaul of the Facebook profile is finally here! The roll out began last week on December 7th and you should, by now, have received it. If you haven’t, though, you can check out how to get it right now after the jump!


Timeline was introduced back in September’s f8 conference by Mark Zuckerberg himself (CEO and co-founder) as a “new kind of profile”. You can check out details of how it works by checking out this post.

These “new kind of profiles” started rolling out last week, beginning from the very east in New Zealand, and slowly completing the roll out towards the west. It actually isn’t complete yet, so there are potentially millions of users who haven’t received the update yet.

Thankfully, we’ve found a rather simple (and obvious) way to get Timeline right now. Just go to the official Timeline page here and click on Get It Now. That’s it.


You will be taken to your new Timeline, where you can take a short tour of the new features and then decide if you want to keep previewing Timeline until December 22nd, or publish it now so your friends can see it.

I, to be very, very frank, do not like Timeline at all. The design is nice and everything, but I simply do not like how it allows everyone in my friends list – which includes some of my teachers, old classmates, boss and even acquaintances (people who I know just because they work or study with me or just met me somewhere) – to see the updates I sent, the links I shared and the photos I uploaded back when I was an innocent 15 year old boy who didn’t know what to and what not to share on Facebook.

To understand what I’m talking about, check out this relevant rage comic by majorfourth over on Reddit:


Timeline is supposed to go live on December 22nd, so you’ll get it soon anyway. You’ll probably want to preview it now, so you can review some of your older updates before everyone on your friends list can see them.

After activating Timeline yourself, be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments section over on our, yes, Facebook page. From what reports we’ve come across, people either love their Timeline, or they hate it enough to actually end up deactivating their account.

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