ExtraTorrent’s ettv And EtHD Continue To Upload Content

It may have taken a few days to process the information but the torrent community is slowly starting to get over the unexpected demise of the extremely popular ExtraTorent service.

The immediate and total shut down of the service has meant that long-time passionate users of the site have been forced to look elsewhere, where it seems that a number of distribution groups are still going strong despite fears that they’d disappear alongside ExtraTorrent.

SaM, the owner of the ExtraTorrent site, may have instantly closed the site’s digital doors without any granular explanation, choosing instead to simply say “it’s time we say goodbye,” but he did inform the world that the distribution group ETRG would also cease to exist alongside the shut down of ExtraTorrent. That information caused panic about the future of other groups, such as ettv and EtHD who are well-known in the community. However, that panic can be washed to one side as it looks as though both groups are still continuing to create and distribute torrents on other sites.

A number of the other prominent torrent sites have instantly noticed a positive spike in their user base thanks to the closure of ExtraTorrent. It makes perfect sense that users will reluctantly look for a new home rather than give up on the community and experience altogether.

That transition to these other sites has helped massively because of the fact that the aforementioned distribution groups are still going strong and still appear to be creating and uploading torrents to those additional sites. Given that they are trusted providers of this type of content, it helps those ExtraTorrent users feel settled and comfortable in the downloads.

Previously, ExtraTorrent owner SaM had said “Ettv and EtHD could remain operational if they get enough donations to sustain the expenses and if people handling it [are] ready to keep doing”. It would seem that at least in the short-term that those expenses have been met, which keeps the lights on in essence, and keeps feeding content to that torrent community via trusted sources.

As time progresses, we will actually see the real effect that the closure of ExtraTorrent has on the community at large, but at least for the time being it looks as though those trusted sources are still continuing to serve content.

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