Drop Test Pits iPhone XS Max Against Galaxy Note 9, Check To See Which One Came Out On Top

If you are in possession of both an Apple iPhone XS Max and a gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Note 9, what do you do? Well, if you are YouTube channel PhoneBuff, then you take both of those high-end and extremely expensive devices and try and smash them to smithereens in a series of drop tests, of course.

In addition to wanting to test out new features on new smartphones, it seems that consumers are hugely interested in seeing how devices fair against one another when dropped from different heights or when submerged in water.

This is more than likely a combination of morbid curiosity and entertainment value from watching so expensive being destroyed, and actually trying to ascertain if their new hardware would fall to pieces if dropped onto the floor and whether or not it is worth the purchase to them. PhoneBuff is always happy to oblige this type of curiosity and has found out how iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9 compare against one another.

For those who simply prefer the outcome and aren’t too bothered about the journey to the destination, it seems that Apple’s iPhone XS Max is definitely built to last as far as single drops are concerned but not so much when you decide to put it through continual drops. It isn’t indestructible by any stretch of the imagination – after all, it is covered in glass – but it definitely comes out of the drop tests in a better condition that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 hardware. In fact, the Note 9 pretty much gives up its desire to stay in one piece on the very first test with the back of the device shattering on contact with the ground.

However, on the final test, which includes dropping both devices from a series of heights ten times, Apple’s iPhone XS Max stops functioning after just three drops. Samsung’s hardware, on the other hand, managed to last the full ten drops and was still functional and able to be classed as a working device. So, taking that account, PhoneBuff had the Galaxy Note 9 pipping Apple’s new XS Max hardware by a single point. All very interesting stuff but confirms something that we should all already know; manufacturers don’t build their consumer electronic devices to be purposely smashed to bits.

(Source: PhoneBuff [YouTube])

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