iPhone XS / XS Max Drop Test Video Puts Apple’s “The Most Durable Smartphone Glass In The World” Claim To Test

Apple made a fairly bold claim when it introduced iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The company said that both devices feature “the most durable smartphone glass in the world”. Naturally, early iPhone adopters are keen to put that outlandish claim to the test.

Thankfully, where there is a question to be answered, YouTube generally comes to the rescue and doesn’t require new iPhone owners to try and see how much abuse their handset can take before it gives in to the stress.

In this instance, YouTube channel TechSmartt has stepped up to the plate to try and test out the longevity of the device’s display by putting it through a series of drop tests. This basically involves dropping the devices from various heights to see exactly when the display gives in and smashes.

The channel has put the two devices through what it is calling the pocket drop test, the head height test, and, last but not least, the 10-foot drop test. The naming convention of those tests should pretty much give away what it entails, but, the most important part is exactly how the device handles each test. The first test from a pocket height brings both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come out relatively unscathed. The iPhone X – which is last year’s flagship – is also thrown in for good measure and comes out with looking rosy, also.

Things start to change when the devices are dropped from a head height, or, the height that a user would typically hold the device when placing a call. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come out relatively unscathed with just a scuff along the top of the latter. Last year’s iPhone X suffers from a crack on the display. Things start to get a little messier when the devices are dropped from 10-foot. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max both suffer fairly bad damage to the front and rear glass, whereas iPhone XS lives through the drama and doesn’t suffer any damage at all.

It’s clear that results do vary from device-to-device and the height of the fall hugely matters in these tests. It’s clearly unknown if the “the most durable smartphone glass in the world” claim is true but it’s evident that improvements have been made.

(Source: TechSmartt [YouTube]

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