Check Out This Folding iPhone Made From A Motorola Razr

Apple is rumored to be making a foldable iPhone of its own eventually, but the wait could be another couple of years.

One YouTuber didn’t want to wait that long, so they made their own using the insides of an iPhone X and the body of a foldable Motorola Razr.

The video showing the transformation is available to watch on YouTube now and while it’s in Chinese, you can follow along using the subtitles pretty easily. It’s a great watch as well, with the YouTuber building a foldable iPhone that Apple seems reluctant to do. It actually works as well, including the camera and touchscreen.

The foldable iPhone in this video is obviously a little rough around the edges as you might expect, but the fact it exists and works at all is a testament to the ingenuity of the YouTuber in question. Check the video out, it’s a great watch.

As for when Apple will release a foldable of its own, there’s no telling when that will actually happen. Recent reports say that foldable competitor Samsung itself doesn’t expect Apple to enter the foldable phone market just yet, although it does expect a foldable iPad to come to marker in 2024. That mimics another report based on comments by CCS Insight’s Ben Wood who also thinks a foldable tablet is most likely to come out of Cupertino first.

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