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Remember Ultimate Extras from Windows Vista’s era? Well, it seems like some of those Ultimate Extras are going to make a comeback on Windows 7, but this time in the form of free apps. Paul has confirmed that Microsoft is set to release two popular games from Vista Ultimate Extras on Windows 7 via Games for Windows Live. What’s even more exciting is that these two games will be available free of cost and will run on all versions of Windows 7. A specific release date hasn’t been finalized yet. Games for Windows site states it as “coming soon”.

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That’s right! Microsoft has released 3 new Windows Ultimate Extras quietly. Strangely, there hasn’t been any excitement over these new ones. Shouldn’t it be another celebration day for us Vista Ultimate owners? Well, maybe not. Anyhow, Microsoft Tinker ( yes, that’s the name of the game! ), is a puzzle game, where as sounds from […]

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