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The third ad installment from Microsoft’s enormous $300 million advertisement campaign have started to air and surprisingly they have stopped experimenting with Bill Gates and Seinfeld pair for good. This is the first time that Microsoft has responded to Apple’s popular “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” campaign which was believed to have played a big part in tarnishing Vista’s image.

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The second Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad is here. This video is an uncut version of the 2 part ad of which part 1 was aired on 11th September and part 2 will be aired on September 12.

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I came across a higher quality version of this very same at the Microsoft Windows website. Based on Silverlight, with the elegant curves, it makes me want to watch Bill Gates buy those shoes (and hear Seinfeld’s not-so-funny dialogues again) just one more time.

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