You might want to see the Gates/Seinfeld Ad again

You might have already seen the lousy quality Gates/Seinfeld Ad on Youtube. Granted, it doesn’t make much sense at the moment. Who would really be able to relate an Ad titled ‘Shoe Circus’, with no reference to any technology to Microsoft or Windows?? It really is amazing that some people are still praising it. Even then, for the sake of $300 million, I’d suggest everyone to wait for the next ad to pass their judgement though. We might be in for some surprise. Otherwise, we can always look forward to Windows 7!

I came across a higher quality version of this very same Ad at the Microsoft Windows website. Based on Silverlight, with the elegant curves, it makes me want to watch Bill Gates buy those shoes (and hear Seinfeld’s not-so-funny dialogues) just one more time.

The clean interface of this video player makes me think if MSN Video was to be like this instead of how it is now, I might convert from a loyal Youtube user. But, for now I can just sigh and drool at this not so great ad. Check it out at the Microsoft Windows website. ( Note: won’t work on Chrome! )


Ad on Soapbox on MSN Video:

Video: Shoe Circus