HP MediaSmart Server icon for your Home Server

Do you have Windows Home Server installed in your Home? and if its not the one by HP then you might want to use this sexy MediaSmart Server icon to access files on your Home Server. When you add a new computer to your Home Server, upon completion, WHS ( Windows Home Server) automatically adds a shortcut on the client computer’s desktop to the shares on the Home Server. The default icon set for this shortcut by Windows is the network folder icon which doesnt really represent or do any justice to your Home Server. To make it look appealing and pretty, you can use this icon of HP Media Smart Server which I have made to access your shares on the server.

I have included both .PNG and the .ICO files in the downloadable zip file below. Let me know how you like it 🙂

HP MediaSmart Server icon for Windows Home Server:
Dimensions: 256×256
Format: .ICO & .PNG
Bit Depth: 32
Size: 142 KB (.zip)
Download Link for HP MediaSmart Server icons