Microsoft takes on Apple with “I’m a PC” Ad Campaign

The third ad installment from Microsoft’s enormous $300 million advertisement campaign have started to air and surprisingly they have stopped experimentingWindows  with Bill Gates and Seinfeld pair for good. This is the first time that Microsoft has responded to Apple’s popular “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” campaign which was believed to have played a big part in tarnishing Vista’s image.

Having a tagline of “Life Without Walls”, the new ad takes on Apple directly and features from the assorted community of billions of Windows users around the world: from different types of students to teachers to celebrities to fish mongers; all insisting the sense of creativity and connection that Windows brings to their lives. Bill Gates too makes a cameo appearance stating “I’m a PC and I wear glasses.”.

Video: Pride

Apart from the new ad, the new campaign also brings along a new way to get all the Windows users involved. The “Life Without Walls” site enables Windows users to upload their own videos to share with the world about what kind of PC they are and then they stand a chance to hit the big screen in Times Square, appear in online advertising or appear on the PC Gallery site.

Personally to me this ad makes much more sense than the first two which featured Gates & Seinfeld. This ad actually shows the true potential of Windows and the ways in which it helps us organize our lives in millions of ways. Also Kudos to Microsoft advertisement team to come up with an idea of involving users to share what kind of PCs are they? This is going to work very well for variety of different things which a Windows user can do but others cant. Expect PC users to come up with lines like:

“I’m a PC and I can play millions of games.”

“I’m a PC and I can eat an Apple.” 😀

“I’m a PC and I can program on VS. Can you Mac?”

Do share with us what kind of a PC are you?

This campaign is a brave reply to Apple’s “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” campaign. But is this ad a case of too little too late for Microsoft? Do let us know about your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Download High-Res version of “I’m a PC” Ad. Check out the complete gallery here.