Windows Live Calendar – First look at Wave 3

Windows Live Calendar has been updated to the Wave 3 look, and is the first online Windows Live service to do so. It has the foretold new header which borrows from Windows Live Messenger’s scenes. Although apart from the 8 default themes, the ‘more themes’ link doesn’t work yet. I can only guess that they might have exclusive content as themes for more themes just like they have messenger packs for certain movies and occasions.

CaptureApart from that, Calendar now features To-do lists, which is a great addition to its features.

image Here is how an item added in the To-do list looks like.

image One annoyance that we found was that the To-do list can’t be shared alone. You have to share it with the events in you calendar which isn’t very nice.

Untitled Another thing we found was that, the new Calendar is not accessible from Hotmail yet. In Hotmail, it still loads the old Calendar. And although, the Calendar in Windows Live Mail works great too, but the interface looks very washed off when compared to this online version.