Apple WWDC 2016 Event Roundup: All Announcements In One Place

So there we have it. After all the rumors, guesses and arguments, WWDC 2016’s opening keynote has come to a close and we now know just what Apple has been waiting to share with us for the last 12 months. And a lot of it has absolutely been worth the wait. With the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and even the Apple TV all receiving big software updates during the keynote, many people are still disappointed that no new hardware was announced.

There were no new MacBook Pros, no new Mac Pros and nothing in between.


Still, if software is your bag, then it has been a decent day so far with Apple announcing iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touches, macOS Sierra 10.12 for Macs, watchOS 3 for Apple Watch, and tvOS 10 for Apple TV.

With so much to cover, let’s take a quick look at what was announced.

iOS 10


Perhaps the most important announcement for many reasons, iOS 10 is something that many have been waiting for ever since iOS 9 was announced. Bringing not just additional features but also a redesign of many visual elements, iOS 10 is an iPhone and iPad update that we can all get at least a little excited about. Available to download today for registered developers and next month for those on the public beta program, iOS 10 will be available for a host of devices, although the aging iPhone 4s and some iPad models are notably missing from the compatibility charts.

As far as new features are concerned, being able to delete stock apps that come pre-installed is one minor, yet important addition that has been on everyone’s wish lists for years. Finally, Apple. Finally.

For more details on iOS 10, check out:

macOS Sierra 10.12


Similarly to iOS 10, macOS Sierra 10.12 is available today for developers to try out and registered public beta testers next month. Alongside the new name, macOS Sierra 10.12’s features and design are all very much in keeping with iOS. Barring the addition of Siri, don’t expect macOS Sierra 10.12 to bring huge changes to the table, because as things stand, it likely won’t. And if you’re a fan of OS X, or macOS, then that probably isn’t a bad thing at all. Oh, the Mac will support Apple Pay for website purchases when macOS Sierra 10.12 ships too, so there’s that.

For more details on everything that is new in macOS Sierra, check out:

watchOS 3


The Apple Watch has been a bit of an ugly duckling since its introduction, but the upcoming release of watchOS will change all that. Again focusing on speed, this release will drastically improve how long it takes for apps to launch once tapped. Furthermore, the entire system has received an overhaul, with even the use of the side button being repurposed to allow for the new features that will arrive as part of the beta release. That beta release is, in case you hadn’t already guessed, available to developers today.

Those who do download the beta will be able to test out Scribble keyboard, a new way of inputting text, and a host of new fitness and health features that include one based on how often you breathe. What a world we live in. So long as it works!

For more details on watchOS 3, check out:

tvOS 10


Without a doubt the least interesting as far as big software releases go, the Apple TV also received a new beta today with a few new apps tagging along for the ride. Apps such as Sling TV and Fox Sports Go should make the set top box a better proposition for many, along with Molotov TV, and some game-based apps like Minecraft Story Mode and Sketch Party. There’s a brand new Remote app with Siri support as well for those who can’t abide the Siri remote, and HomeKit support that will allow users to bark orders at their TV and have the lights turn on and off. Magic.

For more details on tvOS 10, check out:

Apart from this, Apple also announced Swift Playgrounds app for iPad, developer preview of which is available to download today, and the final version of which will be available to download for free this fall. You can find more details on Swift Playgrounds app for iPad here.

Check out our full, in-depth posts on each of these new announcements for more details. We’re off to download all the betas and break our stuff, all in the name of science! Or something.

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