Apple Has Been Granted A Patent For iPhone Display With Variable Refresh Rate Up To 240Hz

Apple has been granted a new patent that could see an iPhone with a variable refresh rate display ship at some point in the future.

According to the patent, spotted by Patently Apple, a display could run at a refresh rate of up to 240Hz despite only having a native refresh rate of something much lower.

There have been rumors of an iPhone with a 120Hz ProMotion display for the last couple of years and it is yet to materialize. However, this new patent could make that more likely with refresh rates going all the way up to 240Hz, according to the patent.

The native refresh rate may be 120 Hz and the high refresh rate may be 240 Hz, as one example. The native refresh rate may be 60 Hz and the high refresh rate may be 120 Hz, 180 Hz, or 240 Hz, as another example.

While the most obvious use for a technology like this could be an iPhone, it’s important to remember that it could also be used in something like an AR/VR headset as well. The same goes for iPads, for that matter.

With Apple again rumored to be bringing a high refresh rate to iPhone 13 this year it could be a little close to launch for this new patent to come into play, however. With competition from the likes of Samsung already offering variable refresh rate displays of their own, Apple will have to follow suit eventually.

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