You Can Now Ask Amazon Echo To Help You With Your Workouts

If you manage to get the Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo to hear and then understand what you’re asking it for, things can get very interesting pretty quickly. That’s partly down to Amazon’s ability to get a fair few updates out for the thing with Echo now far more capable than it was the day it shipped.

Amazon has now pushed yet more functionality for Echo owners to enjoy, the first one of which enables Echo + Alexa to help you do your daily workout, with a 7-minute sweat fest on the cards should you ask for it. You can start it by simply saying “Alexa, start 7-minute workout.”

Amazon Echo main

Amazon says that the new workout abilities are actually from a third-party, and that kicking an workout into motion will unleash “a set of excercises designed to increase metabolism, improve energy, lower stress, and remove fat.” Additionally, Amazon has also added some music playlists to Prime Music to help you with your exercise. Simply ask “Alexa, play the Cardio Dance Workout playlist from Prime Music.” or  “Alexa, play the Modern Country Workout playlist from Prime Music.” to start the workout related music.

Apart from the fitness related functionality, the new update also brings with it the ability for checking stocks as well as keeping tabs on the Republican and Democratic debates.

“Alexa, ask Fidelity, how is the NASDAQ doing today?”

“Alexa, when is the next Republican debate?”

“Alexa, when is the next Democratic debate?”

Last but not least, you can now ask Alexa on how to connect your calendar, Bluetooth or add your music to Echo.

“Alexa, how do I connect my Calendar?”

“Alexa, how do I connect to Bluetooth?”

“Alexa, how do I add Music?”

“Alexa, how do I use a skill?”

You can also ask Alexa about her New Year’s resolution.

“Alexa, what is your New Year’s resolution?”


The latest software update should happen automatically so long as Echo is plugged in and connected to the internet.

Don’t have Alexa in your household yet? You can get Amazon Echo from Amazon today for $179.

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