Xbox One Game DVR Will Capture Game Footage At A Maximum Of 720p 30fps, Confirms Microsoft

As many a hardcore gamer will tell you, no endless kill-streak on Call of Duty, perfect goal on FIFA, or snipe on Halo is worthwhile if it cannot be recorded, shared and relived time and again. The Xbox Game DVR allows users to do just this, but according to Xbox LIVE’s Marc Whitten, the resolution will be restricted to just 720p/30p, irrespective of the resolution of the game.

So if, for example, you’re playing a high-res title like Forza 5 (1080/60p), you’re going to find that your recorded coverage is not of the same sharpness as it was at the time of the action. Of course, it’s no real hardship, and is unlikely to be a deal breaker for those prospective Xbox One fans that have already made up their mind to purchase the console when it releases later on this year. With that said, it’s rather disappointing, and given that the Redmond company has recently bumped the Xbox One GPU to offer more comparable graphics stats to that of the PlayStation 4, this one will not go down too well with the purists.

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The console’s inherent ability to automatically capture your previous five minutes of gaming is very handy if you’re the showy-offy, “let’s post this one up on YouTube” kind. But in 720p, it does take the sheen off your success, and considering we’re supposed to be talking about a ‘next-generation’ console, this is not the kind of issue we should be faced with.

Xbox LIVE’s 300,000 servers, one would hope, could take the strain of so many high-res videos, and as such, allow gamers to view them in 1080p. Still, while the news is a little bit of a downer, it’s better than the entire system of servers coming under strain, or worse, having to close down and interrupt Xbox LIVE for a prolonged amount of time.

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Still, what with Microsoft being a software maker and all, the DVR system is very smooth, with the ability to record 30 seconds of gameplay using a basic command. This will, in turn, ensure that your game time is not impinged upon, allowing you to concentrate on the more pressing issue of pwning noobs.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

(Source: IGN)

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