Xbox 360 Is The Top Selling Console For Sixth Time In A Row With 308,000 Units Sold In August

Despite an increasingly volatile and uncertain economy, Microsoft has managed to maintain the top spot in the game console market, with 308,000 units sold in the United States in the month of August alone.

The data was once again revealed by NPD Group, a very well accredited market research company. According to the group’s study, the the Xbox 360’s market share has been above 40% for the 6th consecutive month, earning the console the top spot in the game console market. The Nintendo 3DS came in second and the PlayStation 3 came in third.

More than just the amount of consoles sold, there’s more good news which suggest that people are actually using the Xbox 360 more than any other console. Total spending on the Xbox 360, which includes games, accessories and any other type of software and hardware, amounted to a whopping $232 million in the month of August alone, which is also the highest number in the console market.

Microsoft’s stronger than ever position was in part caused by great commitment by game developers who have worked hard to push out great titles. The highest selling games in August were “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and “NCAA Football 12.”, yet there are other titles using emerging technologies such as Kinect that will push the Xbox 360 towards success way into the future, as Microsoft pointed out in its press release:

With a massive portfolio of new blockbuster and Kinect titles coming this holiday season as well as new partnerships with Disney and Ultimate Fighting Championship, Xbox 360 is well-positioned for continued success.

There are a few upcoming titles that will also play a key role in the Xbox 360’s continued success, such as “Gears of War 3”, “Forza Motorsport 4”, “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” and the much-anticipated “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”.

Throughout most of its shelf life, which began in the holiday season of 2005, the Xbox 360 had always been overshadowed by the Nintendo Wii due to its strong casual gaming component, yet the tides have turned over the last few months. Microsoft has modernized the console by releasing a thinner model last year, as well as Kinect, a new hardware add-on comprised of motion-tracking cameras and other sensors that allow gamers to play Kinect-ready games just by moving their bodies.


The latest numbers make it even more clear that the Xbox 360 is likely one of the most recession-proof device around.

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