Withings Thermo Is A High-Tech Smart Thermometer Designed For 21st Century

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Withings has introduced its latest health-based product, the Thermo. We live in a growing age of connected devices, the majority of which had all been luxury items, such as intelligent watches and iPhone-connected games and toys. Withings however has a pedigree of taking products that are found throughout most homes and adding a little bit of flair and modern age tech to them. The thermometer is the latest to undergo the Withings treatment with the Thermo acting as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected temperature gauge that’s fit for the modern age.

Thermo ships with Withings own “HotSpotSensor Technology” which sees sixteen individual infrared sensors bundled into the device, which can capture 4000 measurements in just 2 seconds. All you have to do is place the sensor laden tip of Thermo on the temporal artery at the side of the head. More so, Thermo will also account for ambient temperature, loss of heat and more for an accurate reading. Once Thermo is placed on the head, a click of a button will initiate the reading, and when completed, the device will buzz letting you know that a reading has been noted.


There’s an LED on the contraption which displays that reading and uses color coding to denote normal, moderate, and elevated temperature levels. Thermo also contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that allows the thermometer to instantly synchronize data with the connected Thermo app that will be made available presumably via the App Store. That ultra-fast sync sends the data across to the dedicated app on a per family member basis allowing temperatures to be tracked periodically, as well as receive reminders and input symptoms pertaining to a potential medical condition against each reading.


Withings is describing the Thermo as a “game changer”, and it’s extremely hard to disagree when you consider the types of thermometers that exist on the market that force consumers to choose between comfort and accuracy. First and foremost, the technology bundled into Withings latest gadget is discreetly hidden beneath an aesthetic case that isn’t just ergonomic and easy to use, but also does a fairly good job of taking something functional, and making it look pleasing to the eye. Considering it’s loaded with some high-tech sensors, the compact design is actually an achievement worth celebrating. Thermo’s application and method of use, also makes it more hygienic then most thermometers out there today, smart or conventional.


Thermo will be available in the first quarter of the year for $99.95, and is labeled as Class IIa medical device, with clearance from the U.S. FDA.

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