uTorrent 3.1 Alpha Now Integrates With Android, iOS, PS3 And Xbox 360

Popular BitTorrent client uTorrent has received an update which includes integration with the most popular smartphone platforms and gaming consoles.


For the uninitiated, uTorrent is a free BitTorrent client. It is considered to be the world’s most popular program for downloading torrent files which themselves can contain anything from open-source programs, publicly-released songs and video clips to copyrighted music, movies, TV shows and closed-source programs.

The news comes from TorrentFreak – a blog dedicated to covering news regarding BitTorrent and, of course, the copyright issues that crop up because of illegal use of it.

TorrentFreak notes that the latest alpha release of uTorrent comes with integration with Android and iOS devices, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

From TorrentFreak:

The latest alpha release of uTorrent now supports integration with a variety of devices including the iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and Android hardware. This allows users to quickly sync downloaded content to these devices. Additional capability to convert videos and audio to playable files will become available later, but only to users of the upcoming paid version of the BitTorrent client.

This integration, sadly, is limited to transferring files (we were sort of expecting a uTorrent Android/iOS app). Once you have download a torrent, you can use uTorrent to transfer its contents to the devices mentioned above.

Thankfully, this transferring isn’t any simple transferring: uTorrent can convert the files into the appropriate format for the best viewing experience. This feature, according to TorrentFreak, was put into the current build of uTorrent by mistake and, as such, will be removed in the next update.

The integration with different devices will become a part of the stable uTorrent client soon, but the conversion-to-appropriate-format feature will be, in the future, limited to the premium uTorrent Plus.

Folks who started using uTorrent as their primary torrent-downloading client back in 2005 aren’t too happy with the latest string of changes, as they believe that they only shifted to uTorrent because of its simple feature-set and efficient performance and that BitTorrent, Inc. (owners of uTorrent) are bloating it.

Still, one cannot blame BitTorrent, Inc. for announcing a premium version of uTorrent. They do, after all, need to make money.

The alpha release of uTorrent can be downloaded from the link embedded below.

Download uTorrent 3.1 Alpha [DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK]

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