Upcoming Steve Jobs Biography: Tim Cook Offered His Liver To Jobs

There are already plenty of books that purport to tell the true story of Steve Jobs. Even with the official biography, written by Walter Isaacson out in the wild there are still plenty of things to learn about the man that co-founded Apple. A new book, on sale March 24th, may give the best insights into the real Jobs yet.

Written by reporters Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli and titled ‘Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader,’ the new book has everyone in the Apple community looking forward to its release. From what we’ve learned, it has the potential of filling in some notable gaps in the story of Steve Jobs while also giving new light to the kind of man he was.


With the book available to pre-order right now, Amazon has been giving people a portion of the book to read via its “Look Inside the Book” feature. Now considerably shorter than it was originally, the portion available originally offered quite an interesting look at what the whole book will include. Cult of Mac managed to get some eyes-on time with the excerpt and, if the portions the site is sharing are anything to go by, the book is going to be a must-read.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the book is the revelation that Tim Cook offered a part of his working liver to Jobs, who was desperately in need of it. Jobs though, and apparently without consideration, refused to accept his friend’s offer on the grounds that it was too dangerous. Cook points to this particular interaction as proof that Jobs wasn’t the selfish individual that other books have made him out to be.


On the subject of previous books, Cook is no fan of the official Isaacson work, saying that he “thought the Isaacson book did [Jobs] a tremendous disservice.” Apple’s Jony Ive has previously made no secret of his disdain for the book either, with many others feeling that a tremendous opportunity had been missed when the book was being written.

Other interesting news to come out of the book’s excerpt on Amazon is the fact that Jobs apparently wanted to buy Yahoo! with Disney boss Bob Iger. The purchase of the search giant would have given Apple access to things like Yahoo! Mail and the company’s wealth of back-end technology. With Apple notoriously bad at such things, a purchase would have made sense as far as the sharing of knowledge and technologies is concerned.

The book itself goes on sale March 24th and can be pre-ordered now. Buyers can choose hardcover for $21.78, Paperback for $18.26, a Kindle offering for $11.99 or an iBooks version for $12.99.

We can’t wait to have a read ourselves!

(via: CultofMac)

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