Turn off your notebook LCD with one-click

There are times when you just want to listen to some music on your notebook/laptop and want the display(LCD) of your notebook to remain off while Clicking this icon from your desktop will turn your LCD off. Its that simple! the lid is still open, while there are small amount of notebook manufacturer’s who provide this simple option of turning off the notebook’s LCD when not in use but many dont. I own a HP DV2799 Special Edition notebook (see my review here), while its a great notebook in almost every way it still lacks a basic button to switch off the display(LCD) whenever I want to and not only this notebook but also many new & expensive notebooks lacks this option.

This led to me developing my very own small application which turns off my notebook LCD just with one click. I wrote this application in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Its basically a simple console based application that makes use of a dll(User32.dll) file from Windows using System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace and then calls the required function.


I am sharing this small and useful application with all of you as a freeware license. You are free to distribute and use this application. I have tested this application on Windows Vista only. Please let us know if it works on earlier versions of Windows.

Icon used in this application is Copyrighted to 2008 Microsoft Corporation.

Application Name: Turn Off LCD
Version: 1.0
OS Compatibility: Tested on Windows Vista
Size: 85 kb (.exe) and 68.5 kb (.zip)
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Change Log: Removed the MS-DOS console window which was displayed whenever the display came back from off mode.
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1.00 and 1.01
The application works with both Windows XP and Windows Vista. For Windows XP based computers, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 before running this application.

Redmond Pie assures its readers that this file and any information enclosed within the file is free from all kinds of malicious code or Trojans that could be harmful for your computer but Redmond Pie or any of its affiliates should not be held responsible if this application caused any harm to your computer when the file(Turn Off LCD.exe) was downloaded from any sources other than redmondpie.com.