Live Mesh updated: Now with P2P sync

Live Mesh was due a major update since the service was first launched to a group of testers in May and here we are Live Mesh finally with the latest update to this popular service. Live Mesh now adds support for Peer-Peer sync which makes it possible to synch files across your devices without using any storage space or quota from the allotted 5GB. Its time to say FolderShare bye bye since Live Mesh now supports P2P sync and its hard to imagine that there is any other use for FolderShare now.

Live Mesh client will automatically update itself within 24 hours posted, but one can always right click the Notifier icon in the system tray and choose to force an immediate update.

The list of new features and fixes are as follows: (From Live Mesh MSDN Blog)

New Features

· Sync Live Mesh folders peer-to-peer only, excluding your Live Desktop. This will make it possible to synch files across your devices (or with devices of other members of a Live Folder) without consuming any storage space or quota in the Live Mesh cloud storage service. For completeness sake, though, we should mention that it’s not a 100% P2P synch – to optimize the synch experience we still use the cloud to store the authoritative metadata for the folder (for example, the file list and change history) and to broker encrypted P2P connections between clients. But the files themselves will not be stored in the cloud. Also, note that only the creator of a Live Mesh folder will have permission to change the cloud synch settings, since all the contents of a Live Mesh folder (no matter which user uploaded them) get charged against the quota of the folder’s creator.  We’ve got some details on how peer communications and synch work up today on Channel 9.

· File conflicts management on the Live Desktop. Pretty much speaks for itself. The same ability to view and resolve conflicting edits to a file that you’ve had in the Windows client is now available on the Live Desktop. Actually, we think it’s an even better experience, since we took the opportunity to streamline the UX when we implemented it for Live Desktop (we’ll bring the same improvements to the client in the future.)

· Added news events for New Live Mesh folder and Delete Live Mesh folder. We’re continuing to tune the news feed to provide the right set of information you need to keep track of what’s happening across your mesh.


· Improved performance when syncing files peer-to-peer. David and Trevor get into some of the details of where we found room for improvement in today’s video.

· Better coalescing for news events. In non-geek speak, that means we’ll do a better job showing you only one news event when a user makes a bunch of changes in quick succession.

· News performance and scale improvements. Faster and better, new and improved, it slices and dices!

Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) Update

In our last client release, we removed the requirement for UAC to be enabled when running on Vista SP1.  If you originally installed the Live Mesh software with UAC enabled, then got this update and disabled UAC, you might have some issues upgrading.  We‘ll have an announcement on the forum shortly with details of how to fix.

The updated versions are:
Client Software: 0.9.3103.2
Live Desktop: 0.9.3103.3

Live Mesh latest version number

I had this problem with older version of Live Mesh in which Live Mesh on one of my home computer’s failed to start after installation. The problem in question is also posted over here. I havent yet installed newer version of Live Mesh on the computer which had problem starting Live Mesh but I will do so soon and will post the update on the problem over here. Please let us know if anyone of you had this problem with older version and has been solved by installing this newer version.