MobileMe doesnt (fully) support IE 7,8.. Surprised?

Yesterday, Apple launched the successor to their .Mac service in the form of MobileMe. I decided to check out the site and to my surprise, MobileMe site returned me the following error:

MobileMe on IE7

I was using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 in IE7 mode by using “Emulate IE7”. I thought well yea.. maybe IE7 just wasnt good enough. I then re-checked the site by using the same browser but this time using IE8 in its native mode(without using “Emulate IE7”) and this time MobileMe threw another error on me:

Web Browsers

MobileMe on IE8

I thought what the hell.. IE might not be the best browser out there but isnt IE by far the most used browser on the web? plus when was the last time IE7 had trouble displaying any web 2.0 website? When IE7 can render almost all web 2.0 websites on the web then why not MobileMe? Isnt Apple playing dirty here?