Tragic: Woman Dies On Subway After Trying To Recover Fumbled iPad

We place a great deal of importance on our mobile devices in this day and age, and you only have to look at the scrum of eager consumers at ever iPhone launch to realize that Apple lovers take their gadgets very seriously indeed. But whilst it is often said of the iPhone’s appeal that consumers would “sell a kidney” to get hold of the latest handset, it’s not a phrase that we actually take to heart, but unfortunately, one young lady has tragically died in trying to keep hold of her iPad.

It’s a very, very unfortunate scenario, in which the lady was using her iPad on the subway, and having fumbled it, accidentally fell onto the tracks trying to keep hold of it. Given that we’ve all been in the predicament whereby it feels as though our device is about to hit the floor, we can all emphasize with the sheer element of fear that takes over us, and also, the lack of regard for space, the people and objects that may be around us.

grayscale iPad

In the case of Aracelis Ayuso, a 21-year-old New-Yorker, this sense of preciousness over her Apple iPad ended up costing her life. As per a report over at the New York Post, Ayuso fell forward and onto the track, with the driver unable to hit the brakes in time.

I guess the take-home message here is, folks, that even though these expensive gadgets are pivotal to our daily lives, they’re not worth dying for, and in spite of the fact most of us are guilty of shutting ourselves off amid the bright lights and great features that these smartphones and tablets offer, it pays to still remain aware of what’s going on around us.

iPad train

This story prompts us to remember the “Look Up” video, a thought-provoking clip that recently went viral online in an attempt to persuade users to divert their attention from their mobile devices. If you took a moment to look around on the subway, maybe smile or say “hello” to the person next to you, the world would be a better place, and although this incident is incredibly tragic, let’s hope that at least one person learns a lesson and avoids such an outcome as Ayuso.


(Source: NYPost)

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