Track Any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (With Permission) Using Footprints

Hot on the heals of the iPhone location fiasco (or ‘locationgate’ for those with a flair for the overly-dramatic) comes Footprints, an application for tracking iOS devices, but in a good way.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, Footprints is installed on the device you wish to track and said device is then easily spied upon using another iOS device.

Now before the privacy brigade get out their pitchforks once more, fear not. The whole thing can be hidden behind passwords-galore and each tracker needs to be authorized by the trackee (that’s a word, right?) before any spying can be done.

So what’s Footprints actually for? As TechCrunch points out, it has a couple of uses that spring to mind.

  • If you’re a parent that likes to know just where your kids are at all times, install Footprints on their iPhone. Now you know where they are, how fast they are travelling and it’s all in real-time.
  • Run a business that has people out in the field? Footprints can show you where they are, and whether they’re working on that job they claim to be working on or whether they’re sat at home watching Glee.

Footprints is free to download and comes with a 60 day trial. After that the packages are: 3-months for $0.99, 12-months for $2.99 and 24-months for $4.99.

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