This Service Will Get You Anything You Want Using A Simple Text Message

Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant ready to respond to your every beckoned call? I’m not talking about Siri or Google Now, which will both tell you the football scores or what the weather’s going to be like next weekend; I mean a real assistant, more like a secretary – one that will fetch you a pizza or book you flights to suit your needs at the drop of a hat. A newly-introduced service has taken the idea of a butler / chauffeur / servant and rolled it into a magical new text-based system, and provided your request is on the right side of legal, any product or service is just a text away.

Essentially the service – aptly named Magic – fills in the gap between those things you want / need to do, but are too lazy / tired to do. For example, you’re sitting around with your buddies, and everybody’s hungry, but nobody wants to volunteer themselves to scan the Web or through numerous leaflets to find out what’s open, and what will deliver. This is where Magic steps in; you text away your request, it pops back with a message of what is on offer, and you then respond with a simple "yea" or "nay".

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It’s the ultimate tool for the lazy individual, and a testament to the kind of creatures we’ve become in the Digital Age. The convenience of being able to order a hot meal or book a flight in a matter of minutes using the numerous options available has become, clearly, too much effort for many of us, and as such, it’s not surprising that Magic feels as though it’s found a gap in the market.

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From a business point of view, however, it’s a very novel idea. As noted on the company’s website, Magic has trained operators on standby 24/7 to respond to requests, and any dealings for products, orders or bookings are handled entirely by Magic. You just sit back and wait for the magic to happen, so to speak, and while it’s completely free to join Magic, it does recoup its fees by adding a little extra onto whatever you’ve ordered it to do.

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So, if you’re looking for your own personal servant, then Magic has you well covered. There’s no app, for a change – you simply text the number found on to get started – and it does appear that Magic is a U.S.-only service for now.






If you do happen to try it out, let us know how you get on by dropping a comment below!

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