This Neat Trick Can Show You All The Hidden 102 Magnets In 2018 iPad Pro (Or Just About Any Device)

We already knew that the iPad Pro had new fewer than 102 magnets inside it, put there with the purpose of making it the perfect companion for the tablet’s accompanying accessories. Those magnets make attaching cases and keyboard covers a super easy affair, keeping them in place without the need for clasps and such. While we knew that they were there, and we can see how they affect accessories placed upon them, actually seeing the magnets and their placement normally requires the dismantling of an iPad Pro, just as iFixit did. One YouTuber has found a way of taking a peek inside without actually having to open an iPad Pro up for the purpose. YouTuber Marques Brownlee has posted a video in which he puts magnetic field paper on an iPad Pro and the results are pretty spectacular. Because the paper reacts to the magnetic fields generated by the iPad Pro’s magnets, we get to see inside the tablet as if it had been through an X-ray machine. It’s a super cool effect and one that we haven’t thought about, so props to Brownlee for thinking this up. One thing this does of course show us, along with the aforementioned iFixit teardown, is that Apple’s placement of those magnets is very deliberate indeed. But putting them in just the right place, Apple is able to create something that works tremendously well, allowing folio cases and keyboard covers to be attached with ease and, perhaps most importantly, removed without hassle as well. If you want to see what magnetic field paper can do, check Brownlee’s video below.

If you want to do something like this yourself (why not, because it’s so cool!), you can do it using the aforementioned magnetic field paper which you can find for as low as $8 on Amazon here. This will not only work with iPad Pro, but just about any other device that may have magnets! You may also like to check out:

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