This iPhone Case Can Track Your Blood Pressure, Body Temperature And More [VIDEO]

Over the last 12 months, we’ve become accustomed to seeing companies like Nike, Fitbit and Sony releasing wearable technology that serves to track various aspects of the wearer’s life. Capturing the amount of distance that we’ve covered, food and calories consumed as well as sleep patterns can give a valuable insight into the way we live our lives, allowing us to make routine changes where necessary. If this area interests you, but you don’t want to wrap a wristband or watch around your arm, then Azoi Inc. could have just the thing, with their new Wello health tracker, that doubles up as a functional protective iPhone case.

First and foremost, the Wello hardware is a complex, highly capable piece of kit that happens to be wrapped in the guise of an iPhone case. This piece of tech offers the same aesthetics that you might expect from one of the better looking cases on the market for the iPhone, but it also transcends that by bundling in a number of sensors that allow the user to track various vitals. As you would expect, the Wello comes equipped with a downloadable companion iOS app that seamlessly syncs to the hardware to pass information back and forth where necessary.


One of the beautiful things about the Wello, and certainly one that will make it appeal to the masses, is the fact that it doesn’t really require any learning curves or change in habits to get up and running. The sensors are all wrapped up in the case, meaning that simply holding the device for a few seconds as normal will start to record various vitals from the user and send them back to the companion app for processing. Like most other health trackers, Wello allows users to get an instant overview of their health as well as track patterns over a period of time when there is a large set of data available.


Current heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and bloody oxygen levels are amongst the complex areas that Wello can track and display. The app can even visually represent the user’s current ECG heart waves as well as test lung capacity and function with the assistance of a small accessory that connects to the iPhone.



Azoi, the makers of the hardware, is still awaiting FDA approval for the product but have put up a pre-order page ( for those who want to grab it now for $199.00.

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