This iPhone 5 With A Laser Keyboard Concept Is The Best You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]

Some of the most talented creators and designers around the world regularly throw up concepts of our technology, many of which we can only dream of ever materializing.

No sooner do we think "wow, that’s amazing", does reality hit in and we realize that it’s never going to occur, or if it does, we are going to have to wait a good few years.

The video you’re about to see is quite likely to blow your mind.  It shows an extremely thin iPhone, which in itself is wonderful to look at. Then it is placed flat on a desk, a touch gesture is made, and from the side of the device, there is a small glow followed by the appearance of a quite beautiful, fully-functional laser keyboard. The demonstration gets even better – the keyboard is then moved around and rotated using simple touch gestures, while sliding up and down the side of the keyboard adjusts the opacity. Sound good to you? Check it out:

It is a gorgeous concept, and makes you wonder how far technology will get in the next few years. A decade or so ago, the monochome-screened Nokia cellphones were all the rage, and you could list the key features on one hand. Nowadays, most smartphones do the majority of the tasks that a desktop is capable of.

Ideas such as this only increase the pressure on the developers in the real world to deliver something new and exciting to keep consumers interested. This concept, while it would be fun to play around with something so futuristic, would give those who love a gimmick even more reason to show-off. Could you imagine sitting in Starbucks and seeing someone use a ten inch virtual keyboard to operate a smartphone with a four inch screen? One suspects that many would just enjoy the fact that they’ve a laser keyboard than actually see it as a productive function. That said, it would certainly help those with larger fingers or bad eyes who may find the current iPhone keyboard hard to contend with.

There is no doubt that touch gestures will make the iPhone 5 much smoother to use. iOS 5 will bring an Appleized version of the popular jailbreak app MobileNotifier, which utilizes a slide down gesture in order to operate. Additionally, it is thought that the home toggle of the iPhone 5 will be gesture based, rather than the button which has been seen on all the iPhone releases to date.

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