This Could Be Our First Look At Second-Gen Google Glass

All has been quiet on the Google Glass front for a while. Earlier this year it was announced that Google was killing off the Glass Explorer Program as part of an internal reshuffle into how resources are allocated to the project. Rather than actually killing off the project itself, it seemed like more of reaction to an internal discussion on to best forge a route to market. Now, as Google’s Glass headset once again starts to grab some media attention and headlines, it seems that a new design patent for a potential second-generation Glass unit has slipped into the public domain.

Google Glass was an extremely interesting and highly innovative proposition when it was first announced and made available to a select few as part of Google’s now defunct and public-facing Glass Explore Program. The offered and advertised functionality was highly interesting, and most definitely came with some real-world, tangible situations where it could be utilized and put to the greater good. However, as a typical consumer product, sitting on people’s faces on a day-to-day basis, it really wasn’t going to capture the hearts and minds of the average customer.


It seems that Google isn’t ready to put the Glass project to bed yet and has filed a new patent that outlines a new design for what could potentially be the second-generation Glass headwear. The immediate visual difference is that it looks as though Google is ready to do away with the typical spectacle style physical structure of the gadget in favor of a more single arm, monocle-esque approach.

google glass patent

The new approach also introduces a head adapting level of flexibility that is supposedly designed to adapt to the users head on the fly and remains comfortable to wear for almost anyone.

google glass patent 01

Given the fact that Google has put former Nest CEO Tony Fadell in charge of the Glass program, and the fact that Google has also made clear its decision to aim the future of Glass at specific industries within Enterprise, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a redesigned second-generation piece of kit that should hopefully make the product more appealing and easier to use and interact with. Google Glass as we knew it may be long dead and buried, but it looks like the rumored Project Aura is just getting started.

(Source: USPTO)

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