The First Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ Handset Ad Hits The Web [VIDEO]

Less than a year after Windows Phone 7 was released, Microsoft now seems to be close to publicly releasing a new iteration of the operating system named ‘Mango’, as evidenced by a new ad that surfaced today.

Windows Phone 7

The new commercial was put together by Japanese carrier KDDI, not Microsoft itself, but it should give us an idea of how ‘Mango’ will be marketed to customers. The ad depicts several unbranded Windows Phone Devices and outlines the main features of Windows Phone 7, from the most exclusive and competitive ones, such as Xbox LIVE integration and a mobile version of Office, to other features that can be found on just about every modern mobile operating system, such as a web browser.

The new ad definitely shows some good-quality work as far as graphics are concerned but it might not be enough to capture the interest of everyday users who might just come out confused after watching the ad and understanding what the product actually is and how it operates. On the other hand, the graphics alone might be compelling enough to get just the right amount of customers to try out smartphones running Windows Phone 7 and get to like it. Yet, Microsoft’s official ads will likely make the system’s functionality more clear to consumers and still share the visuals that made this ad stand out.

In case you’re not yet aware, ‘Mango’, internally known as ‘Windows Phone 7.5’ is an upcoming large update for Windows Phone 7. First showcased in great detail earlier this year, the new version of Windows Phone 7 is scheduled to include many improvements users have long been looking forward to, including a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support, cut/copy/paste functionality, a new card-based task switcher for multitasking and enhanced Twitter integration. ‘Mango’ has been RTM’d and is expected to be available to all users sometime in September this year on existing devices, along with a whole slew of new handsets.


Windows Phone 7, which launched in Europe, Mexico and the United States between late October and November of last year, is Microsoft’s newest attempt to revitalize its smartphone division. After years of inaction during the rise of powerful smartphones running iOS and Android, Windows Phone 7 has received positive reviews from most experts.

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