The Best PokeAdvisor Alternatives For Pokemon Go

Listen-up, Pokemon Go fans! You’re going to want to listen, and listen good! PokeAdvisor, the very popular app that was used to track all kinds of Pokemon Go-related things such as number of Poke Balls thrown, their overall catch rate, number of Pokemon encounters, IV calculator, and more, has been killed by the folks over at Niantic and Nintendo.

Clearly, the two companies did not believe that PokeAdvisor was something they wanted to be used, and now it’s simply not able to connect to the game at all, which is a shame. It’s okay, though, because we know of some alternatives that promise to give a similar experience while still, you know, working. Let’s have a look.


The Silph Road’s Pokemon Go Tools

Created by The Silph Road, which defines itself as a “grassroots network of Pokémon Go trainers,” this comprehensive list of Pokemon is one that can be found over at More than just a list, though, the data also includes detailed species stats for each of the game’s 151 Pokemon as well as other basic characteristics. The Silph Road’s Pokemon Go Tools is well worth checking out as a viable alternative to PokeAdvisor tool, especially for those looking to spend hours at Gyms, duking it out with other players’ top Pokemon.

For more details on the sheet, check out our post on it here: Pokemon Go Cheat Sheet: Species Stats For All 151 Pokemon In The Game.


8-in-1 Poke Assistant

With not one but eight tools rolled into one, Poke Assistant will help new and existing gamers get a handle on what is needed in order to be a successful Pokemon Go player. Stats and tips on which Pokemon are better equipped for use in specific situations are all the rage with Poke Assistant, and you can’t really go wrong with it.


Check out our post on Poke Assistant here: Poké Assistant Features Eight-In-One Pokemon Go Tools To Help You Catch ‘Em All.

Blossom’s Pokemon Go Manager

This amazing tool lets you log into your Pokemon Go account, search through and sort all your Pokemon by their strengths and weaknesses, and even evolve or transfer them in bulk! Pokemon Go Manager is still in beta form, but that just means it has room to breathe!

Pokemon Go Manager

You can download the tool from its GitHub page.

Pokemon Go Nexus


The Pokemon Go Nexus website is probably best placed to describe what it does:

Pokemon Go Nexus is a tool to help you determine which Pokemon to evolve, and which to grind into candy!

You’ll find Pokemon Go Nexus over at

Pokemon Go shows few signs of going away any time soon, so it’s best to make sure you have all the tools required in order to succeed. With some of the options above, we reckon you’ll be just fine.

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