Tech Deals: Google OnHub Wi-Fi Router, Storage Drives, 200GB MicroSD Card, More

If additional storage for your PC, Mac, or smartphone or tablet has been on your agenda for a long time, and you’ve thus far done nothing about it, then today’s tech deals are going to definitely cater to your needs thanks to the storage theme throughout. We have a card, a stick and even a super-fast SSD drive for your consideration.

We’ll get to the storage options in a bit, but allow us to introduce you the powerful and equally beautiful Google OnHub wireless router that Google built in partnership with ASUS, coming in with a rare $70 discount.


Next up we have a 500GB portable SSD from SanDisk which not only offers an ultra-fast storage solution, but comes packed in a completely shock-proof and to an extent, water-resistant case. If accessing data in a wireless manner is a priority, it rarely gets more convenient than the Connect Wireless Stick with 200GB of storage space. There’s also 256GB storage expansion card for the likes of the MacBook Air, as well as a whopping 200GB microSD card to go with for most tablets and smartphones.

Whatever you choose, make sure you act quickly as the deals listed here are available for a limited time period only, or till stock lasts, whichever comes first. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the savings!

Google OnHub Wi-Fi Router from ASUS ($129.99, usually $199.99)

ASUS OnHub Google

Have you ever looked at your existing router installation and just been extremely disappointed that it doesn’t do enough? Of course you have. That’s why you probably need to assign budget to ensure that you get one of these Google OnHub routers in your home. Congestion-sensing antenna search for the least-crowded channel to ensure optimal Wi-Fi performance. There’s even an ability to utilize the built-in Wave Control tech to prioritize traffic to devices with a single hand gesture – all through an accompanying iOS or Android app. Best of all, aesthetics wise, they look really, really good.

Buy: Google OnHub Wi-Fi Router by ASUS from Amazon: $129.99 | Original price: $200

SanDisk Extreme 500GB Portable SSD ($119.99, usually $249.99)


If you’re going to invest in an external hard drive for secure storage of documents and files, then it may as well be one from an industry leader with an exceptional reputation that offers nearly 500GB in a solid-state format. Files can be transferred up to 4x faster than normal drives to the SSD nature, and there’s also SanDisk’s Secure Access software to encrypt those files that need to be private and secure.

Buy: SanDisk Extreme 500GB Portable SSD from Amazon: $119.99 | Original price: $250

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, 200GB ($68.39, usually $119.99)


If storage is necessary, but you want something small and compact, and also something that can be used with your smartphone and tablet, then it’s probably the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick that you’re looking for. The contraption comes with the ability to wirelessly transfer photos, videos and other files to and from your mobile device or smartphone using the accompanying app. Lovely to look at. Innovative and extremely versatile.

Buy: SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, 200GB from Amazon: $68.39 | Original price: $120

SanDisk 200GB MicroSD Card ($59.99, usually $78.69)


Once upon a time, we would never have even considered the fact that you could get an extra 200GB of storage in a piece of hardware that’s about the size of your thumbnail. But you can now, and this SanDisk Ultra microSD card is the living proof of that. 200GB of additional storage for your smartphone, tablet or camera, with class 10 capabilities for full HD video, along with the ability to transfer data at up to 90MB/s.

Buy: SanDisk 200GB MicroSD Card from Amazon: $59.99 | Original price: $79

Transcend 256GB Storage Expansion Card for MacBook Air ($123.99, usually $154.99)


Apple’s MacBook Air machines are simply gorgeous. You may be a hardened Windows user who would never touch a MacBook, but it’s difficult to deny the beauty of those machines. However, if you own one, and need more storage, then where do you turn? To the Transcend JetDrive Lite 130 Storage Expansion Card, of course. It pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin by slotting into your 13-inch MacBook Air to offer an additional 256GB of storage alongside the machine’s internal hard drive.

Buy: Transcend 256GB Storage Expansion Card for MacBook Air from Amazon: $123.99 | Original price: $155

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