Tech Deals: $399 Oculus Rift Bundle, $32 iPhone 7 Battery Case, $10 Free Credit, $6 iPhone Stand, More

It’s yet another day for us to continue to bring you highly appealing tech-based deals available to anyone with a desire to own some new technology.

Starting off we have the wonderful Grand Theft Auto V title for both the Xbox One and the PS4, coming in at a lowly $30.

Next up is a 26,800mAh portable battery charger / power bank discounted by over 50%, bringing the price down to just $42. Looking for a $6 smartphone stand? We have you covered there as well. There’s also the opportunity to get $10 free Amazon credit when you reload $100 balance, as well as a iPhone 7 battery case for just $32. Last but not the least is the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch bundle coming in at just $399, which is a discount of $200! As always, the deals listed here are only available for a limited period of time, or till stocks last, whichever happens first. So if you have a product of choice narrowed in your sights, make sure you act quickly before the offers expire. Enjoy the savings!

Anker PowerCore 26800mAh Power Bank Battery ($41.99, usually $99.99)

It’s probably fair to suggest that almost every single medium to heavy smartphone or tablet owner will need one of these pieces of kit in their lives. It’s not only highly portable as a gadget, but also offers an internal cell capacity of 26,800mAh which is capable of charging a cutting-edge smartphone from 0% to 100% multiple times. This is really a must-have for any device owner.

Buy: Anker PowerCore 26800 Power Bank Battery from Amazon: $41.99 | Original price: $100

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One ($29.99, usually $59.99)

The Grand Theft Auto series of games is undeniably one of the most instantly recognized and popular gaming franchises in the world. And Grand Theft Auto V is the finest release yet with stunning graphics, a highly addictive and intelligent storyline involving the perspectives of multiple protagonists, and an unbelievably immersive and expansive environment.

Buy: Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $60

Smartphone Stand/Dock ($6 with promo code, usually $39.99)

If you are going to spend the money purchasing Apple hardware, or even purchasing an expensive smartphone, then you really need an equally attractive stand or dock to sit the phone in when it is not in use. That’s where this simple but very attractive cell phone stand comes into its own. It not only holds the device in place but also includes the ability to charge it at the same time when a cable is introduced.

You can grab the stand / dock for as little as $6 using the following promo code at checkout: 6VGBXP2D.

Buy: Smartphone Stand/Dock from Amazon: $6 | Original price: $40

Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch Bundle ($399, usually $598)

We can remember a time when the Oculus Rift cost thousands of dollars and was only available to developers who were looking to build initial VR-based experiences for the hardware. Thankfully those days are gone with the hardware now being extremely affordable. And now, thanks to this deal, it’s even more affordable with the hand-held controllers thrown in for good measure.

Buy: Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch Bundle from Amazon: $399 | Original price: $598

Reload $100 Amazon Balance (Get $10 free credit)

This one is really a no-brainer. If you are a regular spender at Amazon and want to get something for free, such as an additional 10% to play with, then you simply need to load up $100 onto an Amazon card for the first time and you will get 10%, or $10, free to spend on whatever you please. That’s literally a one-off offer of free money.

Buy: Reload $100 Balance from Amazon: Get $10 free Amazon credit

Anker 2200mAh PowerCore Case for iPhone 7 ($31.99 with promo code, usually $99.99)

If you don’t want to carry portable battery pack, and would rather have something that wraps onto the device and gives it some protection at the same time as keeping it powered up, then there’s this wonderful Anker accessory. It’s relatively lightweight, slimline, and has a 2200mAh capacity cell built directly into it.

You can grab the case for as little as $32 using the following promo code at checkout: AKPWCS32.

Buy: Anker PowerCore Case for iPhone 7 from Amazon: $31.99 | Original price: $100

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