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HTC Sense for Windows Mobile 7?

By | December 31st, 2009

Soon after the news which confirmed the official upgrade path of Windows Mobile 7 for HTC HD2, folks over at XDA have dug deep and found out some references made to Windows Mobile 7 in the latest HTC Sense 2.5 Build 1922. This version of HTC Sense is from the leaked version of T-Mobile US 2.01 ROM for HTC HD2.

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Last month, we informed you about the possibility of HTC HD2 getting Windows Mobile 7 upgrade. But now according to a tweet posted by HTC’s Russian twitter account, it looks like HTC HD2 has been confirmed to get Windows Mobile 7 upgrade when it is released in Q3/Q4 of 2010. Translated version of the tweet is as follows.

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The HTC roadmap that was leaked some time back revealed that HTC is set to release three Windows Mobile based handsets in the first half of 2010, the HTC Photon, HTC Trophy and HTC Tera. None of these mentioned devices can be graded as high end devices. The roadmap, thus brought somewhat disappointment to HTC fans.

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Phil Moore, Head of Microsoft Mobile Division in UK has confirmed that phones with Windows Mobile 7 wont be available until late next year. He announced this in a Q&A session held at the ‘Connect’ technology summit in London. This news means that we are not going to see handsets with Windows Mobile 7 anytime before last quarter of 2010.

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