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Snapseed has been a revelation in the increasingly-popular image editing game, but since Google acquired Nik Software – the firm behind the iconic app – last September, there have been few recent murmurings touting the demise of Snapseed. Those have been well and truly put to rest today, though, with the release of Snapseed for Android; and in more good news, it’s also absolutely free of charge.

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Not so long ago, image editing and manipulation was something only done by those with apparent Photoshop mastery, but with so many apps allowing various effects to be applied in a one-click fashion, even the Average Joe can cut corners and put together some rather nice designs.

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Snapseed – one of the most critically acclaimed iOS apps of last year – has gone free for what seems to be a limited time offer. We’ve got the app’s details and a download link in place after the jump!

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