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PatentlyApple has been watching Apple closely for the patents that folks at Cupertino are filing at USPTO. The recent inclusion assigned to Apple is one of its kind piece of technology. The new revived bezel offers a secondary display built around printed segmented electroluminescence technology for various controls for work and play.

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Apple Insider has received information from a “person with proven knowledge of Apple’s future product plans” that Apple will soon be introducing FaceTime/video-chat capable iPads.

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Boy Genius Report is reporting about a block of low level operating system code found in iOS 4 which reveals codenames for CDMA iPhone 4 and the next-gen iPad. Their sources at Apple has confirmed that the queries you see in the screenshot below refers to CDMA iPhone (on Verizon) and iPad 2 and that they are about to hit the field testing stage. Also these new devices are said to auto-activate, bypassing iTunes for activation. Apple probably has done it so that carriers may not be able to find anything in the activation logs.

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